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Membership Options & Information

Membership Options:

  • Family Membership: $495 for returning members  
  • New Family Trial Membership: $395
  • Weekend Memberships: $295 (Saturday, Sundays, and Holidays)
  • Adult Individual Membership: $250 (Ages 18 and older. Allows for Guest Privileges.)
  • Youth Limited Individual Membership: $125 (Ages 11-17. Guest Passes limited to youths)  
  • Senior Membership: $150 (65+)
  • Couples Membership: $295 (husband and wife or two individuals living in the same house.)
  • Babysitter Pass: $50 (restrictions apply – see below)

Memberships cannot be combined in any way. One membership per household with exception of multifamily households. 

Membership definitions:

Family Membership

(defined as 2 adults and children 23 and younger. Adult children must be single.)

This membership allows family members living in the same household daily use of the facilities during normal operating hours. Use of the facility outside of normal operating hours is allowed if involved in other activities such as swim team practices or tennis lessons. Use applies for that part of the facility directly related to the activity for which they are signed up and only under supervision of designated coaches or other persons involved with running that activity.

Adult Memberships 

For individuals who are 18 and over.

Senior Memberships

For individuals who are 65 and over.

Youth Individual Membership

For individuals ages 11-17. Youth membership guest privileges can only use guest passes for youths and cannot be combined with any other membership.

Couple Membership

Permits partners or two individuals living together in the same household over the age 18 to join the pool together.

Trial Membership

First time members have use of the facility as stated above for the first year (one time only) at a reduced cost for the member to experience the club. After the first year,  normal fees apply.

Semi Membership

(defined as 2 adults and children 23 and younger. Adult children must be single.)

This membership allows family members living in the same household use of the facilities Monday - Friday from 4-8pm. 

Babysitter Pass

Stones Crossing Swim Club must be notified in writing as to who will be using this pass, and for approximately how long (days/weeks).

Babysitters of Club members must be at least fifteen years of age to care for the children of other Club members. We strongly recommend having a certificate of babysitters course if under seventeen years of age.

Members and babysitters MUST adhere to all pool rules and the following, particularly #2:

  1. All emergency information for each child must be on file in the office.
  2. Babysitter must be continually attentive to and responsible for the child or children in their charge while on the Club’s property. 
  3. Babysitter cannot bring guests into the Club.
  4. Babysitter cannot use the Club when not caring for children nor when child’s parent or guardian is present at the Club.

We hope you will consider a membership to Stones Crossing Swim Club!

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Guest pass options



10-pack of guest passes: $75.00 - please purchase through store.

Individual daily rate passes can be purchased at club, as needed.

Daily Rates 

Adult (18+): $10 

Junior (12-17): $7 

Child (4-11): $5 

Senior (62+): $5 

3 and under: FREE 

Non-swimming guests: FREE 

Special Event Days (Fathers Day, 4th of July, Labor Day) 

Adult (18+): $12 

Junior (12-17): $10 

Child (4-11): $7 

Senior (62+): $7 

3 and under: FREE 

Non-swimming guests: *Must pay guest pass fee*  

Guest Policies

A guest is defined as anyone who is invited by a member to use any of the pool facilities.

A guest is a person residing at a different home address.

All purchased guest passes must be used during the same season that they are purchased. Guest passes to do transfer between seasons.

  • All guests must sign in at the front desk before entering the pool area and must be accompanied by a member at all times. 
  • Local guests will be limited to 5 visits per season. 
  • Guest fees must be paid any day that the club is open. 
  • All guests 12 and under must be immediately introduced to the pool manager or lifeguard in charge and complete a swimming test. 
  • Rain checks will be issued to members for their guests if the pool is closed due to sudden inclement weather. Rain checks must be used during the current season. There will be no refunds.
  • Guest passes cannot be used on Special Events Days. 

There is no charge for entering facilities for observing swim meets.